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i-CABLE Business Broadband is an ideal solution for SMEs with a LAN network for multiple-access. Its fast speed is suitable for applications such as file transfer, email, web browsing, web-based multimedia (video/audio streaming) and virtual private network (VPN), etc.

      - Ideal for SMEs which require multiple-
        access to Internet
      - Symmetric downstream and upstream speed
      - Always-on connection with unlimited usage
      - Ethernet interface - easy for connection
      - Over 3G and 1G connecting to HKIX and
        overseas respectively
      - Free email accounts and 1st year free
        domain name registration
      - Multiple static IP addresses for setting up your
        own email server, FTP server and Virtual Private Network (VPN)
      - 24x7 monitoring and technical support

Please contact us at 183 2923 or email to for further information.

Hospitality Broadband Access Solution

i-CABLE's hospitality Broadband Access Solution enhances hotels' value propositions and competitive edges. Riding on the state-of-the-art Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) network and cable modem technology, the system provides hotel guests with high-speed, "plug-and-play" broadband access to the Internet world. When guests get connected to the Internet, a default webpage will first appear on their computer screen which is a good opportunity to promote hotel's official website, amenities and related services.

System Overview
Rather than relying on leased line or narrowband connectivity, i-CABLE hooks up hotel broadband network to the cyber world via Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) network. In this premise, i-CABLE delivers "a true broadband service" to hotel guests. The system supports general applications like email (SMTP, POP3 & Web-based), Virtual Private Network (VPN), large file transfer (FTP), video/audio streaming, Net-Meeting.

Guest Room
Each room will be installed with a dedicated Internet port which allows hotel guests to enjoy high-speed Internet service with a plug-and-play connection.

Business Center
Hotel guests without bringing their own laptop PC can log on to the Net at the broadband-connected business centre.

Function Room
For function rooms, the solution presents a golden opportunity for multimedia demonstrations and Internet-related conferences or exhibitions.

      - True broadband connection, via Hybrid Fiber Coaxial network, to the outside world
      - Over 3G and 1G connecting to HKIX and overseas respectively
      - Plug-and-Play solution. Special configuration on user's PC is not needed
      - Support general Internet applications
      - Easy administrative interface for hotel front-office / technical staff
      - Integrate billing with hotel's property-management system (PMS) which lists out
        all broadband usage/transactions on guest check-out bill
      - A customizable log-in page to promote hotel's website, amenities and services
      - Increase hotel's value propositions

Please contact us at 183 2923 or email to for further information.
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